Good birthday gift ideas make the recipient feel like a special individual by presenting them with something personalized, unique, and thoughtful. Think of a gift that creates remarkable memories rather than fulfilling a function. You want the recipient to associate the birthday gift with your personality, as well as providing raucous entertainment or a welcome respite from stress. One good birthday gift idea is to choose a magazine subscription. This way, you are encouraging one of their hobbies or interests as well as providing something that will last until their next birthday. Hundreds of magazines are available to match the lucky recipient’s personality. You might choose an artsy magazine about crafts, poetry, pottery, home improvement and décor, photography, painting, or bead work. Sports magazines vary from rowing, yoga, Western union agent and dirt biking to basketball, curling, and roller blading. Travel magazines showcase beautiful photographs alongside fascinating articles. Another option for an original birthday gift is assembling an assortment of smaller gifts around a central theme. Does your coworker, cousin, or neighbor love watching movies? You can buy a few packages of microwave popcorn, a big popcorn bowl, caraell mix, and a DVD you think they’ll enjoy. Does your sister, uncle, or best friend just deserve a day off? Choose scented essential oil, small candles, and comfortable slippers of woven straw to orchestrate a relaxing bath that drains away tension. Your friend or relative would surely appreciate a gift that means spending more time with you. Purchasing passes or tickets to an event, park, museum, or amusement park is a sure way to persuade them to take time off and have fun. Children love zoos, observatories, and wildlife parks. You can introduce adults to your favorite small theater for a weekend play or a wild concert at a large venue. For a fancier outing, consider a ride in a small tourist plane for a tour or a train ride that stops at country wineries. If you know someone you think has everything, try finding a gadget that was recently invented. Maybe they’d like a wristwatch that combines a thermometer, pedometer, and barometer. Other unique gift ideas include personalized items. Order a coffee mug with a picture of his or her pet. In advance, order a throw pillow or bathrobe embroidered with his or her name. If you can think of a humorous phrase or abbreviation, splurge on a personalized license plate for a year.

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